Friday, March 31, 2006

The Start Of A New Business


When I first start my new little ventures I always turn to Vista print. No I am not plugging them, but living in Spain I found it so difficult to get things done quick. To get anything printed here took so much time and also it is so expensive getting business cards printed.

I have used VistaPrint for nearly 4 years now and they have helped me along the way with their different great offers. For the first time ever I had 200 postcards of my own photograph printed, and it was so easy to upload and
so cheap.

Whilst living in Spain I have helped numerous friends who wanted to start their
own business and needed business cards in a hurry - I just pointed them to VisaPrint website.

A few weeks ago I received fridge magnets with my logo on for my Spanish Boot Company
and I was thrilled. There are so many special offers with VistaPrint I canĀ“t stop myself.

Please believe me when I say I am not selling this company, but I think they are brilliant
for a first time business.


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