Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Day Has Come

Well today is the day when I have finally made the decision to learn
about affiliates and hopefully make some money working with SiteSell
and XSitePro.

I will start this vast learning curve this Monday and will write about the trials and tribulations of it all. I may need a punchbag on hand or take small breaks with my dogs for walks to clear my muddled brain. Believe me it takes a long time for things to sink in.

I am a virgin to the internet and KNOW NOTHING - I have a laptop and upto now have only been able to set up an ebay shop selling Spanish leather boots . This in itself took a long while, sometimes sorting stuff out in the early hours of the morning and having horrendous rows with my husband who does not have a lot of patience. Also I did manage to start a flickr account and am slowly teaching myself how to work a digital camera.

Anyway watch this space - I will be teaching myself and starting a
new life - SCARY.


Anonymous MJ said...

Good luck! I think you'll find that SBI (SiteSell) will give you MUCH better results! I would wait on the XSitePro and wait until I had SBI learnings under my belt first! :-)

August 27, 2006 3:10 am  

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