Friday, April 07, 2006


We uploaded it last night. All systems go on Xsitepro.
Can´t wait to see how it works. I will have to concentrate hard
and for me its going snails pace but hopefully I will get the grasp
of how it works.

I wonder what their templates are like, hope they are not boring.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

XSitePro Message Board :: View topic - Making Blogging Easier

I found this today from the XSitePro message board -written by hello2paul - Paul thankyou for all the great tips.

XSitePro Message Board :: View topic - Making Blogging Easier: "Okay, nobody really likes updating blogs,right? It's tedious, time consuming - and where does the all that relevant content come from? Lets take it from the top:

1. Set up blog in Blogger

2. Install the Google Toolbar which incorporates a 'Blog This!' button - allowing you to open your posting window in Blogger, and blog right from the desktop without having to leave the page you want to talk about.

3. Set up Google Alerts for blog related keywords/subject

4. Receive Google alerts, (email) - open links

5. Click on 'Blog This!' button - opens posting page for your blog

6. Cut N' Paste etc from the page you're browsing.

Congrats - you've just updated your blog with relevant content! "

Friday, March 31, 2006

The Start Of A New Business


When I first start my new little ventures I always turn to Vista print. No I am not plugging them, but living in Spain I found it so difficult to get things done quick. To get anything printed here took so much time and also it is so expensive getting business cards printed.

I have used VistaPrint for nearly 4 years now and they have helped me along the way with their different great offers. For the first time ever I had 200 postcards of my own photograph printed, and it was so easy to upload and
so cheap.

Whilst living in Spain I have helped numerous friends who wanted to start their
own business and needed business cards in a hurry - I just pointed them to VisaPrint website.

A few weeks ago I received fridge magnets with my logo on for my Spanish Boot Company
and I was thrilled. There are so many special offers with VistaPrint I can´t stop myself.

Please believe me when I say I am not selling this company, but I think they are brilliant
for a first time business.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I have spent the past 2 days reading The Affiliate Classroom
(February edition).

I found a lot of useful information on how affiliates work with
in Europe. I didn´t realize that the Scandinavians were the
highest country on internet shopping. It also mentioned that
trends usually start in the US and don´t reach our European
shores until 6 months to a year later.

What I didn´t know was that there are more people on the
internet in Europe than in the US. You learn something

Friday, March 24, 2006

What is a Pingoat


Found out it is a service that makes a PING or notifies a number of
services that keep track of my weblogs. It also publishes my weblogs
on other sites.


What I Learned This Morning

View from my window where I contantly look out to during the day.

This morning after 2 hours of mind muddling and 3 cups of strong coffee I finally got my google search bar into my blog - I must say I had a lot of help from my husband who did lose his rag a few times. I panic so much, I feel like a petrified rabbit stuck in the middle of the road hesitating all the time and clicking the wrong buttons. Anyway I have finally learnt how to do it, and also noticed after closeup confrontation with my husband he has about 3 days stubble - he needs a shave.

Next on the agenda is learning about Pingoat - what the hell is that?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Day Has Come

Well today is the day when I have finally made the decision to learn
about affiliates and hopefully make some money working with SiteSell
and XSitePro.

I will start this vast learning curve this Monday and will write about the trials and tribulations of it all. I may need a punchbag on hand or take small breaks with my dogs for walks to clear my muddled brain. Believe me it takes a long time for things to sink in.

I am a virgin to the internet and KNOW NOTHING - I have a laptop and upto now have only been able to set up an ebay shop selling Spanish leather boots . This in itself took a long while, sometimes sorting stuff out in the early hours of the morning and having horrendous rows with my husband who does not have a lot of patience. Also I did manage to start a flickr account and am slowly teaching myself how to work a digital camera.

Anyway watch this space - I will be teaching myself and starting a
new life - SCARY.